Tapping Into Your Inner Light

Putting the “Light” in Enlightenment

Last week I talked a bit about some ways that music can help you feel reconnected to spiritual or transpersonal aspects of being. I alluded a little as to why this is important, but today I want to talk more about this specifically.

This time of year in the Northern Hemisphere brings with it a return of the literal light- the Sun. However, there are many holidays celebrated at this time which also involve light. This brings up connections for me between the ideas of light and enlightenment.

Christ Consciousness, Buddha Nature

I don’t mean to imply that enlightenment is as a easy as simply turning on a light switch, or that it’s something that will naturally occur like the lengthening and diminishing of daylight. Rather, what I mean is that we possess this potential for enlightenment.

We all possess this potential to be a light in the world. In some Christian traditions, they describe it as “Christ Consciousness.” In some Buddhist traditions, its described as “Buddha Nature.”

I want to emphasize that transpersonal experiences aren’t assigned to religion, nor do they have to be understood through a spiritual lens or worldview. What’s important, in my opinion, is simply that you have such experiences. Having such experiences will benefit your sense of mental health and well-being.

Being In-Lightened and Bringing Your Light

In this week’s video, I share some thoughts on this time of year and why I think it’s important for people to turn on their inner light and let shine it out into the world.

If you’re having a hard time turning on your inner light and think that the counseling and music therapy services I provide could help, contact me. I’d be happy to talk with you more about what’s going on.

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