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Capture the Power of Music to Heal, Enhance, and Expand Your Life

Faith understands those who feel misunderstood in life. Working with people of all ages, she does this through a therapeutic relationship built upon deep listening and mindful musical expression.

Mental health and wellness services for when you’re feeling misunderstood- at any age. Counseling, music therapy, and music instruction available in Longmont and Boulder County.

Find answers to frequently asked questions about music therapy and the policies of SoundWell Music Therapy, as well as access other important documents for SoundWell’s services.

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You may recognize a need for therapy, but you’ve “done” talk therapy before. You didn’t find it to be helpful. Yet, you know that you need to express yourself somehow. You want to find your voice, and to do so, you need to work with a therapist who will really hear you.

You are the parent of a child or teen who struggles with anxiety, depression, or lack of focus. They may be questioning their identity or struggling with who they are. You may be struggling with how to be the best parent to your child.

You are the adult child who has to manage the responsibilities of caring for an older parent. They may have mental health issues that you’re concerned about. You would like for them to have access to a non-pharmacological approach to mental health and well-being. You want them to be able to have meaningful, life-affirming experiences, in spite of any physical or cognitive impairment they may have. 

Regardless of how old one may be, life can be challenging. Things happen that you don’t expect. At different points throughout your life, you may question who you are and what is meaningful to you. You may recognize a need to heal relationships with family and/or friends in some way. Create meaning and healing for yourself by finding your “voice.” SoundWell Music Therapy can help you find it.

Soundwell music therapy: Working With you to create sound well-being

The mission of SoundWell Music Therapy, PLLC is to help people from all walks of life and of all levels of being to experience for themselves enhanced mental health and well-being. The universal qualities of music and its versatility make music therapy a potent way of addressing the variety of unique mental health and wellness needs a person may have.

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  • Several locations in town and on-site in partnership with community organizations.



Your Longmont or Boulder County Home

  • Faith works in-home and with those who are homebound living in Longmont and around Boulder County.