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Counseling and Music Therapy Services in Longmont Helping You “Tune Into” Well-Being

Welcome to my private practice, SoundWell Music Therapy. My name is Faith Halverson-Ramos, and I’m a licensed professional counselor (LPC), addiction counselor candidate (ADDC), marriage and family therapy candidate (MFTC), board-certified music therapist (MT-BC), and Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS). I specialize in helping teens, young adults, and adults with their mental health and well-being.

Why Counseling?

At SoundWell Music Therapy, I understand that stressors and challenges are a part of life, and sometimes the ways we’ve learned to cope with them are no longer effective. Counseling can help you clarify your values, identify your needs, and gain a better understanding of yourself and how you relate to others. The counseling services I provide can empower you to take control of your life and make healthy, positive changes.

Using a combination of counseling and music therapy, I can help you clarify your values, identify your needs and wants, and better understand yourself and your relationships with others. My goal is to help you create healthy, positive changes in your life that will last.

Why Add Music To Counseling?

As a music therapist, I find music to be a powerful means of helping people to enhance their mental well-being. Music can help you reflect on yourself and your situation, represent your internal feelings, and amplify how you relate to others. It can also provide a means to express what was previously inexpressible. Visit this page to learn more about how music therapy and mental health are related.

Counseling Services SoundWell Music Therapy Offers

At SoundWell Music Therapy, I provide counseling services to those who may feel like outsiders in the world. They may need help navigating their current reality that has been shaped by traumatic events or experiences of loss. I also work with those who have turned to substances as a way to cope or have grown up in households where substance use was an issue. I want to help you find meaning and purpose in your life and experience new ways of being with others where you can be your authentic self.

Counseling services address common conditions such as anxiety, depression, trauma, and grief and loss. I offer a range of services to help people develop and grow at different stages of life, including:

  • Individual counseling services for (click on each image to learn more):

Finding SoundWell Music Therapy in Longmont

Located at 1361 Francis Street, Suite 201 E, Longmont, CO 80501, SoundWell Music Therapy is easily accessible with plenty of parking. Restrooms and additional waiting rooms are available, and I offer in-person and online services to meet your needs. If you’re interested in becoming a client, go here to learn more about the next steps.

Contact me today to schedule your appointment and start your journey towards mental well-being.

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