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Counseling and Music Therapy Services to Help You “Tune” Into Your Mental Health

Welcome to SoundWell Music Therapy in Longmont. I’m happy you’re here. My name is Faith Halverson-Ramos. As a Licensed Professional Counselor and Board-Certified Music Therapist (MT-BC), I provide counseling services to teens, emerging adults, adults, and older adults who want to improve their mental health and well-being.

Why Counseling?

Regardless of your age, we all face stressors in life that can leave us feeling confused, overwhelmed, angry, or sad. Likewise, we all have unique life experiences that affect how we manage these stressors and challenges. In some cases, the ways we’ve learned how to cope no longer work for us. Teens and young adults may still be learning ways to cope with the inevitable stressors of life and they are looking for help and support.

Counseling can help. That is because counseling can help you gain clarity about what’s important to you and what you want for yourself. It can also lead you to develop a greater understanding of yourself and how you relate with others. What you gain from counseling can help motivate you to take as much control as you can in your life and create healthy, positive change.

Why Add Music To Counseling?

As a music therapist, I find that music can be a powerful means for helping people to enhance their mental well-being. There are many reasons for this. For example, making music or listening to certain songs can take on a personal meaning that causes you to reflect on yourself and your situation. Likewise, music can reflect your inner state of being and amplify how you relate to others. Music can provide you with the ways and means to express and voice what had before been inexpressible.

Go here to learn more about music therapy and mental health and how I incorporate the two.

Counseling Services SoundWell Music Therapy Offers

SoundWell Music Therapy provides counseling services to people who want to understand who they are because they feel confused about who they are, what they need, and where they’re going. They want to find ways to feel comfortable being their true selves in the world because they’re tired of feeling like an outsider. For some of the teens I work with, feeling this way can result in having a hard time at school.

Some of the people I work with are wanting to find meaning and purpose in their lives. While others want to experience new ways of being with others.

And with this, they’re looking for help in navigating their current reality that has been shaped by traumatic events or other experiences of loss in their lives.

Common conditions I help people with include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Low Self-Esteem and Sense of Self-Worth

Counseling Services for People of All Ages

Because music is versatile and impacts people in powerful ways, my professional experiences and interests allow me to work with people throughout their lifespan. Below you can learn more about the counseling services I offer. These services are meant to help people develop and grow at different stages of life. Click on the images to learn more about the counseling services provided through SoundWell Music Therapy in Longmont.

Other Services Offered by SoundWell Music Therapy

In addition to the individual counseling services I provide in-person and online, SoundWell Music Therapy also offers:

  • Community Music Therapy Groups are available off-site in Longmont and around Boulder County. SoundWell works with schools, mental health programs, and community social service organizations.
  • Music Instruction is available for piano and voice. Lessons are available in my Longmont office or online. I work with beginners of all ages who might need an adapted or therapeutic approach.

Finding SoundWell Music Therapy in Longmont

The address for SoundWell Music Therapy is 1361 Francis Street, Suite 201 E, Longmont, CO 80501. Park in the parking lot and enter through the center door labeled “201.” My office is the first office on the right once you get up the stairs.

If you arrive before your scheduled session time, please have a seat on the couch in the waiting room. This is because I may be with another client, and the office door leads directly into my office. While sessions usually end on time, there are some occasions when a session takes a little longer. I will open the door when everything is ready for your session.

In case you need them, restrooms are down the hall and to your immediate left. Over in that area, you will also find another waiting room with outlets that you can use to charge your device, if necessary.

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The sign at the corner of Francis and 14th St. listing the businesses located at 1361 Francis St. in Longmont.
The inside of SoundWell Music Therapy's office. There is a blue couch, mauve chair, and a variety of string and percussion instruments. Individual counseling sessions are provided here.
The inside of SoundWell Music Therapy’s office.