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Create Sound Well-Being Through Music at Any Age.

 Music Therapy in Longmont to Support Mental Health Throughout the Lifespan

SoundWell Music Therapy is a community mental health-oriented music therapy practice in Longmont committed to enhancing the mental health and well-being of people throughout the lifespan through the therapeutic use of music. Behind SoundWell Music Therapy in Longmont is me, Faith Halverson-Ramos, MA, LPC, MT-BC.

Why Use Music Therapy to Address Mental Health Needs?

Music is a powerful form of creative expression that is therapeutic to us in a variety of ways. It helps us to feel calm and to self-regulate, while it can also motivate and inspire us. Music can help us to focus and learn, while it can also help us tap into our own resourcefulness and knowledge. It can help us to connect with, express, and move through our pain so that we can experience the joy.

Not only that, but we are hardwired to respond to music- both neurologically and physiologically. While people may not respond to music in the same ways, it is still accessible to people with neurological, cognitive, or physical impairments. These things make music therapy an especially effective form of therapeutic approach.

Music therapy is the clinical use of music to address goals related to one’s physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual or existential states of being.  It is an established allied healthcare profession, similar to social work, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, and physical therapy. A credentialed music therapist (MT-BC) is trained to assess for a client’s therapeutic need(s) so that an individualized treatment plan can be developed and implemented.

Services Offered by SoundWell Music Therapy in Longmont

Because of the power and versatility of music as a therapeutic force, I offer a variety of services through SoundWell Music Therapy that help address the mental health and quality-of-life needs that people may have at any age:

Individual Counseling and Music Therapy I provide individual counseling and music therapy services to children and teens, adults, and older adults who are struggling with feelings of depression or anxiety in their life. These feelings can hit us at any age and for a variety of reasons, ranging from life experiences to neurological wiring or genetic predisposition.

Incorporating music as a part of counseling can make mental health care more accessible to people who may have difficulty being heard or understood by others. This includes those whose mental health needs might otherwise be overlooked, such as those who have dementia or sensory processing issues. As well, those who may find it difficult to verbally express themselves, whether due to their age, history of traumatic experiences, or physical impairment, will find that music therapy provides them with a meaningful way to express themselves where words aren’t required.

To get a sense of what a music therapy session with me might be like, watch this video:

Community Music Therapy Groups Through SoundWell Music Therapy, I also work to enhance the mental health and well-being of the Longmont and Boulder County communities by offering community music therapy groups. This is done by collaborating, contracting, and consulting with community organizations, area healthcare agencies, and local businesses who are interested in providing music therapy to their clients or in providing other music-oriented mental health and wellness services to their employees.

Examples of organizations SoundWell Music Therapy has worked with include:

  • Schools and Early Childhood Education Programs
  • Community Mental Health and Social Services Organizations
  • Assisted Living and Memory Care Communities

SoundWell Music Therapy also provides workshops and presentations designed to meet the specific needs of community organizations, area healthcare agencies, and local businesses.

Music Instruction The value of learning how to play a musical instrument can’t be overestimated. It can help foster attention and focus, while boosting self-confidence and self-esteem. I offer voice and beginning piano lessons to both neurotypical and neurodivergent students, such as those students diagnosed with a learning disability, autism, or ADHD. Music lessons are different from music therapy in that the goal of lessons is solely musical.

Where to Find SoundWell Music Therapy

SoundWell Music Therapy serves greater Boulder County. Services are provided in:


    • At SoundWell Music Therapy’s office at 1361 Francis St, Suite 201E

  • On-site in partnership with community organizations and long-term care communities.


  • On-site in partnership with community organizations and long-term care communities.

Your Longmont or Boulder County Home

  • Faith works in-home and with those who are homebound living in Longmont and around Boulder County.