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Create Sound Well-Being Through Music.

Helping You Find YOUR Rhythm.

Supporting those who feel misunderstood, Faith works with people at all life stages through a therapeutic relationship built upon deep listening and mindful musical expression.

Mental health and wellness services for when words aren’t enough. Counseling, music therapy, and music instruction available in Longmont and Boulder County for people of all ages.

Find answers to frequently asked questions about music therapy and the policies of SoundWell Music Therapy, as well as access other important documents for SoundWell’s services.

What Others Are Saying

  • Testimonial-Logo Testimonial From a Spiritual Midwife  Longmont Mental Health Counseling

    “Faith employs excellent listening and assessment skills in her use of music therapy. She is attentive and knowledgeable in her compassionate interaction with clients. Her expertise is applied with sensitivity as she tailors each session to the needs of the clients/group. I highly recommend her.”

    - Testimonial From a Spiritual Midwife
  • Testimonial-Logo Testimonial from a Community Mental Health Care Clinical Director  Longmont Mental Health Counseling

    “Faith’s creativity, wonderful voice and commitment to helping others makes her an outstanding music therapist!”

    - Testimonial from a Community Mental Health Care Clinical Director
  • Testimonial-Logo Testimonial from the Executive Director of a Veterans' Nonprofit  Longmont Mental Health Counseling

    “… Faith is a brilliant Music Therapist. The therapeutic work dives deeply and comes through clearly without having to formulate words, which is a relief for so many people. Faith makes it easy to work deeply as she provides a stable and non-judgemental foundation for people to comfortably express themselves.”

    - Testimonial from the Executive Director of a Veterans’ Nonprofit
  • Testimonial-Logo Testimonial from an Early Childhood Special Education Teacher  Longmont Mental Health Counseling

    “… Our class would not have been the same if not for Faith’s compassionate and gentle approach in working with those around her.”

    - Testimonial from an Early Childhood Special Education Teacher
  • Testimonial-Logo Testimonial from a Nursing and End-of-Life Care Professional  Longmont Mental Health Counseling

    “Faith’s work is amazing to watch. She integrates music and counseling to reach the individuals creative center, assisting them to find within themselves inner resources to achieve wellness.”

    - Testimonial from a Nursing and End-of-Life Care Professional

Mental Health Needs exist at any age

Regardless of how old one may be, life can be challenging. Things happen that you don’t expect. At different points throughout your life, you may question who you are and what is meaningful to you. Relationships or life situations come and go leaving you behind to create something new from the loss.


You’re struggling with anxiety, depression, or grief. You recognize a need for therapy, but you’ve “done” talk therapy before and it didn’t help. Yet, you know that you can’t get through this alone. You need to find your voice and express yourself in some way. You need to work with a therapist who will really hear you and can help you hear yourself.

You are the parent of a child or teen who is struggling with anxiety, depression, or lack of focus. They may be questioning their identity or struggling with who they are and how they perceive the world. You may be struggling with how to be the best parent to your child. You want to help them, but you don’t know what to do. You do know that they seem really connected to music. You wonder if there’s some way music could help them.

You are the adult child who has to manage the responsibilities associated with caring for an older parent. They have mental health issues that concern you, but you don’t know how well they would do with traditional therapy and you’d like to not add more medications to their life. They may have Alzheimer’s and it’s hard for you to see the person you knew slip away. You want them to enjoy what’s left of their life and you want to be able to make the most of your time together.

Soundwell music therapy: Working With you to create sound well-being

SoundWell Music Therapy, PLLC is committed to helping people at all stages and phases of life create for themselves enhanced mental health and well-being. The universal qualities of music and its versatility make music therapy a powerful way of addressing a person’s unique mental health and wellness needs.

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  • Faith works in-home and with those who are homebound living in Longmont and around Boulder County.