Counseling Services in Longmont to Enhance Well-Being Through Music

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Counseling and Music Therapy Services to Help You “Tune” Into Your Mental Health

Optimal mental health implies being in a state of harmony and flow. Yet in today’s world, it’s easy to fall out of this state regardless of how old you are. This is because everyone faces stressors in life. Likewise, we all have had life experiences that affect how we manage challenging situations. Sometimes a situation requires the outside support that counseling services can provide. If whatever is going on for you right now feels like too much to handle alone, know that SoundWell Music Therapy in Longmont can help you.

I know that it’s not easy to admit that you or someone you care about might need the extra support that counseling services can provide. Admitting that you need help takes considerable courage and self-awareness, so congratulate yourself for taking this first step. Understand that it isn’t a sign of weakness or personal failure.

At the same time, I know that the idea of sharing your problems with someone else can be intimidating. Being vulnerable can be scary sometimes, but know that SoundWell Music Therapy is here to help, not judge. I want to help you work through whatever is going on for you right now so that you can become mentally and emotionally stronger as a result.

The Counseling Services Provided by SoundWell Music Therapy

My name is Faith Halverson-Ramos and I am SoundWell Music Therapy in Longmont. I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor and Board-Certified Music Therapist (MT-BC). As such, I provide counseling services to people who want to better understand themselves. They’re looking for help in navigating their current reality and life circumstances. Sometimes music plays in role in the work we do together, and sometimes it doesn’t. It is whatever feels most comfortable to you at the moment.

My professional experiences have allowed me to work with people throughout the lifespan. Because of my interest in human development, I enjoy working with people of all ages. Below you can learn more about how the counseling services I offer help people to develop and grow at different stages of life:

Children and Teens

Developing Life Skills and Abilities

Childhood and adolescence are foundational times in a person’s life. This is because a person’s experiences during this time influences who they will become as an adult. It is therefore important for children and teens to learn and develop effective coping and life skills. This is especially true because today’s young people face unique challenges that adults didn’t necessarily have to face when they were growing up.

Your child or teen may need help in developing their ability to self-regulate and manage their emotions. Their ability to pay attention and focus may be an issue. Or they may need help developing more effective coping skills and resiliency so that they can be more successful in life.

Learn more about how the counseling services I offer can help children and teens here.


Living an Authentic Life

Unfortunately, being an adult isn’t always easy or as fun as you might have thought it would be when you were a kid. This is because the freedoms of adulthood also come with responsibilities and stresses. It can be hard to manage it all and you may not feel equipped to handle it. This is especially true if your childhood or adolescence were less than ideal.

As a result, you may be feeling some doubts or fears about your life right now. It might feel like life is beating you up. Because of this, you’re feeling stuck and you want help making sense of what’s going on and how you can move through it. You want to learn how to trust yourself and your abilities because you know that the potential exists within you.

Learn more about how the counseling services I offer can help adults here.

Older Adults

Adapting to Aging and Life Changes

Change is inevitable in life, and that is especially true as one ages and gets older. This is because as one’s body changes, so can their mind. Relationships change or end. Existential questions may come to the forefront of one’s mind and now they may feel compelled to answer them. But at the same time, it can feel scary and unsettling to answer them.

As you enter this new phase of life, you may find yourself questioning your self-identity. This may be because it’s hard to know who you are outside of the context of your career or the roles you’ve played in life. You may be grieving the loss of someone or something meaningful. You’re seeking to find more meaning in your life and to gain a greater understanding of who you are.

At the same time, you may also find yourself diagnosed with a terminal illness. As a result, you’re finding yourself having to face your own mortality. You wonder what comes next. With this, you also want to know how to make the most of the life you have left.

Learn more about how the counseling services I offer can help older adults here. Information about the palliative care and hospice music therapy services I offer can be found here.

Other Services Offered by SoundWell Music Therapy

In addition to the individual counseling services I provide in-person and online, I also offer:

  • Community Music Therapy Groups available off-site in Longmont and around Boulder County. I work with schools, mental health programs, and community social service organizations.
  • Workshops and Presentations available for community agencies, not-for-profit organizations, and for-profit businesses. Examples of topics I can present on include mindfulness and music, using music to manage mental health and well-being, human development and positive aging, as well as the use of music therapy in end-of-life care.
  • Music Instruction available for piano and voice. Lessons are available in my Longmont office or online. I work with beginners of all ages who might need an adapted or therapeutic approach.
  • Drums Alive fitness classes, including Golden Beats. These are whole-body/mind workouts that incorporate drumming on exercise balls and moving to music. Classes can be adapted to accommodate the needs of people with varying physical abilities.

Finding SoundWell Music Therapy in Longmont

SoundWell Music Therapy is located at 1361 Francis Street., Suite 201 E in Longmont. Enter through the center door in the west-facing parking lot and go up the stairs. My office is the first office on the right.

If you arrive before your scheduled session time, please have a seat on the couch in the waiting room. This is because I may be with another client and the office door leads directly into my office. While sessions usually end on time, there are some occasions when a session takes a little longer. Know that I will open the door when everything is ready for your session.

In case you need them, restrooms are down the hall and to your immediate left. Over in that area you will also find another waiting room with outlets that you can use to charge your device, if necessary.

Counseling services with SoundWell Music Therapy can be found at 1361 Francis St, Suite 201 E, Longmont, CO 80501
The view of 1361 Francis Street facing north towards 14th Street.