Contact a Music Therapist and Counselor in Longmont Ready to Work With You

Thank you for your interest in the therapeutic services offered by SoundWell Music Therapy in Longmont. By now you’ve discovered a bit more about what music therapy is and how it can help people. So if you’ve found yourself here, I imagine that you’re seeking mental health-oriented music therapy services or looking for a counselor in Longmont and you’re wanting to know more specifically how SoundWell Music Therapy can help you.

At this time it’s important for me to learn more about what it is you’re looking for in a counselor in Longmont or from music therapy. In order to do this, I offer a free initial 15-minute consultation that is done by phone or through the HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform at I do this because choosing to work with a counselor or music therapist requires finding one with whom there’s a good “fit.”

During this consult, we’ll talk about your specific situation. By doing this, we can identify ways that SoundWell Music Therapy may be able to help you. However, it’s possible that we both may determine that the services SoundWell Music Therapy provides won’t best meet your needs. If that’s the case, we’ll do my best to help you find someone who can help you.

Next Steps to Take for Contacting This Counselor in Longmont

Want to move forward in seeing how we might work together? There are two ways you can do so, depending on how you feel most comfortable contacting a counselor in Longmont.

Schedule A Consult Online

If you’re ready to schedule a free consult with Faith, you can schedule your time here.

Contact SoundWell Music Therapy Through Email

If you’re not quite ready to schedule a free consultation, or if you prefer to initially communicate through email, you can contact SoundWell Music Therapy through this encrypted email form. Please make sure to include your name and email address so that we can get back to you.

Faith, a music therapist and counselor in Longmont, plays the keyboard