Educational Workshops & Presentations

Engaging Educational Workshops and Presentations

Are you looking for someone to present or provide educational workshops related to mental health? Or maybe you’re looking for a workshop on music and health? If so, Faith and SoundWell Music Therapy can help.

Faith Halverson-Ramos of SoundWell Music Therapy providing an educational workshop

As a music therapist, I know how to provide engaging educational workshops. After all, the ways and means through which I work tend to naturally be engaging. As well, I bring to the presentations I give my skills as a singer and performer. Likewise, as a music therapist, I’m also comfortable adapting to the needs of who I’m working with.

Being engaging as a presenter is important to me because I know it’s hard for attendees to learn otherwise. We learn and retain new information when we engage with it. This is because we need to think and reflect on this new information. How does this new information fit in with what is already known? In this way, I invite attendees to integrate what they’ve learned with what they already know.

As well, people learn when they are receptive to learning. When people aren’t feeling nervous or anxious about what they know or don’t know, they can take in new information.

To help people in both of these situations, I incorporate music in different ways. The musical activity can reinforce a point I want to make. While there are other times when the activity is meant to break the ice and help people to feel receptive.

As a presenter, I’ve presented both nationally and internationally at different kinds of events. (A full list of presentations I’ve given and where can be found here.) Audiences I’ve presented to include: healthcare providers, educators, and the general public. Formats have varied from hour-long presentations to full-day workshops and retreats.

Topics of Past Presentations

Topics of past workshops and presentations include:

  • Music and Mindfulness
  • Music for Stress Management
  • The Voice and Well-Being
  • Using Music to Prevent Caregiver Burnout
  • The Use of Music in Hospice and Palliative Care
  • Healthy Aging
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Trauma
  • Music and the 21st Century Student

As you can see, they cover a wide range of topics. Because of my own interest in lifelong learning, as my interests grow, so will this list. Likewise, more topics are sure to come based on the needs of organizations I work with and the greater community.

Want to Know More?

Are you looking for an engaging speaker to present on mental health and wellness to your organization? If so, contact me so that way we can discuss what you’re looking for.