[Video] Music as a Tool for Stress Management

Adding More Stress Management Tools to Your Toolbox

Welcome to the third video in the “Managing Holiday Stress” series. In this series I’m sharing with you different stress management tools so that you can make it through the holiday season healthy and sane. If you haven’t yet seen the previous two videos, you can find them here and here. In video one, I talked about why some degree of stress is helpful and healthy to us. In video two, I shared some simple tips for managing stress.

But in video 3, I want to add some more stress management tools to your toolbox by looking more closely at music. We use music in a variety of ways in our everyday life. We may listen to music as a source of distraction. Or we may listen to music as a source of motivation.

Do you make music? If so, you might do so because you’re bored, or you might do so because you have a goal you want to accomplish.

But do you ever think about how you might want to use music to help you come back to yourself? Back to your equilibrium when you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed? Watch the video below to get some ideas on how you might want to use music during those times. If you feel up to it, give the ideas a go! And while this is not meant to be a substitute for therapy, I’d love to know how these ideas work for you, so please share your thoughts in the comments below.


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