Benefits of Tapping Into Your Creativity

Sometimes the Creative Well Runs Dry

Life sometimes has a way of sucking out your vital creative energy. This is especially tragic because creativity benefits us in ways that go beyond simply creating something “pretty.” For example, creativity promotes innovative thinking, problem-solving, and empathy. All qualities needed now more than ever.

When I work with clients who are feeling like their creative well has run dry, they often identify feeling stuck. They have a desire to create, but they don’t have the drive. They may feel overwhelmed at the possibility of creating.

Sometimes this is because of personal judgments that are preventing them from exploring their creativity. Other people have personal or professional obligations that prevent them from exploring their creativity. (In each of these situations, practicing loving-kindness helps them to be gentle towards themselves about their situation).

Benefits of Creativity

Yet, as I mentioned above, creativity benefits in a variety of ways that are necessary for us to cultivate as people in the 21st century. In this video, I talk a bit about the benefits of creativity and share easy and accessible ways for tapping into your inner creator.

What are some ways that you like to be creative? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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