Rebuild Your Life After Change: Tips for Working With Change

There are just so many great metaphors for life. One that comes to mind is that life is a journey. A “highway,” if you will. But what happens if you get into a metaphorical “accident” while driving down your highway? What do you do when you have to emotionally and psychologically rebuild your life after the unexpected happens?

The Only Constant Is Change

Life happens. And unfortunately, things change. It’s inevitable.

As with buildings and other physical infrastructure after a tragic event, it is possible to rebuild your life after tragedy.

What matters is how you manage these changes that are a natural part of life. That’s not to say, though, that rebuilding your life after a major change(s) is easy. Depending on your situation, you may be facing additional obstacles that are physical, financial, or social in nature which can add extra layers of complexity.

Nonetheless, it is possible to psychologically or emotionally rebuild your life after a major change or transition. And in doing so, you may end up creating a life that is even better than you could have imagined! That is if you are properly equipped.

To do be properly equipped requires:

  • Resilience
  • Perseverance
  • Motivation
  • And in some situations, the ability or access to necessary external resources.

Helping others to become properly equipped and able to overcome personal obstacles is something I love about being a therapist. And as it so happens, June is Rebuild Your Life month. So because of this, I’m going to offer some tips you can use for rebuilding your life after a great change.

Tips to Rebuild Your Life

Recovering from a tragic loss or major life change isn’t easy, but it’s possible. If you’re finding yourself in the situation where you feel the need to rebuild your life after some major change, here are some tips that you might want to try.

Feel Your Feelings

First, it’s important that you allow yourself to feel your feelings. Holding on to painful feelings ultimately doesn’t serve you. At the same time, this isn’t to say that you should throw a raging fit and scare anyone and everyone around you.

But, you DO need to know what it is that you’re feeling. Feelings are simply indicators of our emotional state of being in the present moment. Feelings are neither good, nor bad. They simply are.

There are different ways that you can tap into your feelings so that you can express them and name them. One way is through journaling and doing some stream-of-conscious writing. While journaling, try not to censor yourself. Let everything come out.

Other ways of tapping into your feelings include creative activities such as making music or drawing. In this post, I share some ways that you can use music as a mindfulness practice. I find that creative activities such as these can help people re-experience being in the here and now if they find sitting in silence to be too difficult or painful.

Assess the Situation

Secondly, it’s important that you assess the situation. Much like when physically building something, you need to have a plan. Or at least in this instance, you have to have some sense of a plan, since we know that plans can, and often do, change.

In order to make a plan, though, you have to know what you’re working with. That means asking yourself some questions. Do you have all of the information that you need about the situation? Is there more information you need to know? How can you find out this information?

For example, is there something that you can change about the situation? If so, what will it take? The solution could be as easy as making some minor changes, but without taking the time to assess the situation, you could be overlooking these solutions.

Take Steps

Once you know what you’re working with, what you have, and how you feel about the situation, you’re in a position to make some changes. These initial steps don’t have to be major, but something that allows you to know that you’re being proactive and moving forward.

As you continue taking these steps, you can create something major. You may even realize that you want to go into a different direction than you originally thought. And that’s okay because remember that life is a journey.

It is YOUR journey. YOU are in the driver’s seat.

Do You Need Some Extra Help Rebuilding?

Does your situation feel like it could benefit from some extra support? Perhaps you are in the midst of a major life transition or have lost someone close to you. For whatever reason, it may be hard for you to navigate where you are on your own. If so, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’m happy to join you on this journey.

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