Online Wellness Group: Use Music to Tune Into Your Mental Well-Being

I think it’s especially easy to appreciate right now just how quickly things can change in life. Less than a month ago, people were preparing themselves for their Spring Break travels. Now many aspects of people’s lives have been disrupted through social distancing. That is why I’m offering a 3-week online wellness group that begins next Tuesday, March 31st.

Now more than ever it’s important that we take steps to maintain our sense of mental health and well-being. At the same time, we need to feel connection with others. That’s because ultimately we are designed to be in relationship with other people. And I hope that through this experience, many people are coming to appreciate the degree of our interconnection with others.

The Inspiration for “Tune Into Your Well-Being Through Music”

As a music therapist and counselor, I work with music to help people in maintaining a sense of overall well-being and connection. Music can help you to self-regulate, meaning that it can help you manage your behavior, thoughts, and feelings. Needless to say, this is a super important thing to be able to do right now.

You can discover ways to express and manage your thoughts and feelings through music in this online wellness group

As well, music can serve as a means for expressing your thoughts and feelings in a healthy way. This can be helpful when it’s difficult for you to identify what you’re thinking or feeling. And at a time when uncertainty and chaos seem to be the everyday norm, it’s easy to feel confused or dissociated from your experience.

The idea for this group came after thinking about all the people I wasn’t going to see for a while. For example, the students I wasn’t likely going to see again for the rest of the school year and their families. How were they and their parents going to fare having to spend more time together? How well could their parents manage everything that needs managing?

Likewise, I wondered about the older adults I work with. Were they going to feel isolated and trapped in their homes? How could they still connect with others? How could they have fun and feel good when going out wasn’t an option?

I knew needed to find some way to help people at this time, and to do so in an affordable way. This group is one way that I’m starting to do this because, to play on the Grateful Dead song, the music should never stop.

What You Can Expect From This Music-Based, Online Wellness Group

“Tune Into Your Well-Being Through Music” is an interactive psychoeducational group where you’ll explore different ways to use music for maintaining your overall well-being. In this 3-week online group, you can expect to learn ways that you can use music to better “tune into” yourself. You may even discover your inner musician if you aren’t already acquainted with them already!

In this group, we’ll take a look at and engage in a variety of musical activities. These activities will be easy to do and won’t require special equipment. The goal is to have fun, feel good, and gain important skills for managing difficult times.

You can register for the group through my LearnItLive page. As well, you can see other online classes and webinars I have available there. If you have any questions or have an interest in individual counseling or music therapy sessions through telehealth, you can also send me a message.

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