In Gratitude

Hello those of you out there reading this, and welcome to my first blog post on the updated SoundWell Sound Out Blog! My intention in writing this blog is to share my thoughts, ideas, and experiences on music therapy, creativity, wellness and healthy aging, life transitions, grief and loss- or anything else that piques my interest. As well, I wish to share resources or articles that I come across which I think those of you in the SoundWell community will find interesting, helpful, or thought-provoking.

With all that said, so much has happened since I first tried my hand at blogging over a year ago. During the past year I left my position as a paraeducator with Boulder Valley School District and officially began my career as a music therapist by working with Compassionate Hospice Care in Broomfield, Colorado. As well, I have provided music psychotherapy services through SoundWell Music Therapy to folks in my community and have gained a comfortably-sized music studio of voice, piano, and guitar students.

Through all of this change and transition, I find it important to express my gratitude for the opportunities that have presented themselves to me this past year.

So on that note, I would like to extend my thanks to those who have helped me in making my professional dreams become reality! First off, big thanks goes out to Nino Gallo of Personal Investment Enterprise through Community Action Programs of Boulder County. Through the support of this program, I was able to learn how to write an effective business plan as well as obtain funding for purchasing instruments, equipment, and resources that will better allow me to provide music therapy services to children and adults living in Boulder County.

My second shout out of gratitude goes to Obbie King of Purplearth Cozmik Imagez for helping me create the WordPress site of my dreams. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This transition over to WordPress from iWeb wouldn’t have been as easy or as pretty without your assistance. 🙂

I also wish to express my gratitude to all of my music therapist colleagues out there who have served as an inspiration to me for what can be done both in the therapeutic setting as well as within the larger community-creating setting of social networking. I won’t mention everyone by name here, but I highly encourage you to check out their websites and blogs that I’ve included on the FAQs and Resources page of the SoundWell Music Therapy website.

Lastly, I want to thank you for being here and being you!

Please feel welcome to leave your thoughts, ideas, and comments in the comments section below.