Workshops & Presentations

Want to Provide Your Organization with New Educational or Team-Building Experiences?

SoundWell is available to present and lead on-site workshops for businesses and community organizations in Longmont and Boulder County who are interested in using music for team-building or for enhancing participant overall well-being. SoundWell Music Therapy also presents on topics relevant to healthcare providers, caregivers, and those who work directly with older adults.

Examples of workshops or presentations we give include:

  • Music and Mindfulness
  • Music for Stress Management
  • Voicework: An Instrument for Holistic Wellness
  • Using Music to Prevent Caregiver Burnout
  • The Use of Music in Hospice and Palliative Care
  • A New Culture of Aging: Providing Care That Respects the Autonomy of Older Adults

As a presenter and workshop facilitator, I have presented both nationally and internationally at professional conferences:


2016: American Music Therapy Association National Conference- Sandusky, Ohio (Gerotranscendence and Music Therapy)

2016: Colorado Mental Health Professionals Conference- Denver, Colorado (Gerotranscendence and Music)

2014: American Music Therapy Association National Conference- Louisville, Kentucky (Music Therapy and Mindfulness)

2013: Colorado Association for Music Therapy State Conference- Denver and Fort Collins, Colorado (Voicework)

2013: American Music Therapy Association Midwestern and Southwestern Regional Music Therapy Conference- San Antonio, Texas (Music and Mindfulness)


2016: European Music Therapy Conference- Vienna, Austria (Music Therapy and Mindfulness)

2015: Feeding the Soul, a Transpersonal Festival sponsored by Eurotas and The Association for Transpersonal Psychology- Centro d’Omprio, Pettenasco, Italy (Contemplative Music-Making)

2015: Psychosomatic Expressive Arts Therapy Team Retreat at Simssee Klinik- Bad Endorf, Germany (Mindfulness and Expressive Arts Therapies)

2015: Canadian Association for Music Therapy National Conference- Calgary, Alberta, Canada (Music Therapy and Mindfulness)

2014: The World Congress of Music Therapy- Krems, Austria (Music Therapy and Mindfulness)

2014: The Online Conference for Music Therapy (Music Therapy and Mindfulness)

Contact us directly to determine fee.
Fees are based on length of presentation, size of group, travel requirements, and equipment/supplies needed.

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