Music Therapy Student Interns at SoundWell Music Therapy

Beginning in the Fall of 2020, I’m happy to announce that I am now working with music therapy student interns. Working with music therapy student interns aligns with the mission of SoundWell Music Therapy as it allows me to increase community access to music therapy services, while also allowing me to contribute to the growth and development of the next generation of music therapists.

Learn More About Music Therapy Student Interns

Below you can learn more about the music therapy student interns at SoundWell Music Therapy, including their current clinical experiences and their philosophy on music therapy.

At this time, I’m currently working with one music therapy student intern, but I hope that as time goes on that I’ll be able to work with more music therapy student interns.

CJ John

This is an image of SoundWell Music Therapy Student Intern, CJ John.
SoundWell Music Therapy Student Intern, CJ John

Hi there! My name is CJ John (they/them/theirs) and I am excited to be interning for the Fall of 2020 with SoundWell Music Therapy, PLLC! I completed my undergraduate studies in Music Therapy at Alverno College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in May of 2019. From August of 2019 through March of 2020, I interned in Minneapolis, Minnesota with Joyful Noises, LLC., and Twin Cities Music Therapy Services, LLC.

Throughout my undergraduate studies and internship experience, I cultivated clinical skills through experiences working with diverse individuals: those in geriatric care, children and adults with a variety of neurologic and developmental disabilities, LGBTQ youth organizations, adults in substance use recovery, children in a trauma-informed preschool, and people of all ages in a variety of mental health settings. My priority in my own music therapy practice is to incorporate each person’s unique identity, needs, and passions into a therapeutic experience that enables the most growth possible. As a professional, I aim to integrate diversity, humility, and non-judgmental practices into my interactions with folks from all backgrounds.

In my spare time, I enjoy being a part of local community organizing through arts, music, and activism. I love adventuring in nature, cooking, writing, and of course, creating music with friends! I am excited to explore Colorado and continue my professional music therapy career here in Longmont!

CJ’s Music Therapy Philosophy

I believe that within each unique, diverse person, lies the capacity for growth and progress—regardless of background, identity, limitations, and abilities. I feel that the therapist’s role in therapy should be to guide, support, and encourage each client in achieving their own goals through a non-judgmental person-centered lens. Through music therapy, I will aim to integrate a number of different methods, treatment modalities, and theoretical frameworks in-the-moment and adapt to each client through an ever-growing relationship. The music therapy that I work and learn within should be diverse culturally, socially, cognitively, and developmentally. I believe that music is for everyone and is integral to development, as it provides a unique multi-sensory experience that is simultaneously rooted in innate humanness and particular to the individual.

My approach to therapy is a multi-systemic approach that incorporates humanist, client-centered, cognitive, somatic, and experiential/experimental schools of thoughts. This multi-disciplinary approach allows for the unique and specified treatments of individuals and groups that best fits in any given moment. I feel that in order to best understand one’s whole self, therapy should be client-led rather than therapist-led. Because music is inherently in-the-moment, it allows for a unique physical, psychological, and physiological experience that provides grounds for self-exploration, healing, and growth.

My passion is to integrate this philosophy in work with a variety of populations including, but not limited to: people with trauma, those exploring their identity, LGBTQIA+ folks, individuals in recovery from substance use, and in mental-health based settings.

Services Provided by Music Therapy Student Interns

If you’d like to work with the music therapy student interns at SoundWell Music Therapy, music therapy sessions are available online or in-person at reduced rates. (However, please note that reduced rate music therapy sessions are only available via self-pay and aren’t eligible for third-party reimbursement through insurance.)

Music therapy student interns are also available to provide therapeutic and adaptive music lessons for those situations where music therapy isn’t necessary, but a therapeutic approach to learning music is. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, CJ is available to teach music lessons on guitar, piano, and cello.

All services provided by music therapy student interns, including music lessons, are under my direct supervision and I’m there on-site at the time of service. Contact me to learn more or to schedule.