Obstacles as Opportunity

Have you ever felt as though you were pushing up against an unmovable force?

Sometimes we encounter obstacles in life that feel like they need overcoming, but yet in spite of our best efforts, nothing seems to happen. At these times we can feel angry, tired, defeated, scared, or maybe even more committed to “plow through” and persevere.

And while sometimes perseverance is necessary in order to follow through and overcome a personal challenge, what would happen if you stopped pushing against it? Rather than resisting and fighting, what would happen if you just simply surrendered into it by acknowledging and embracing the challenge?

I know, easier said than done sometimes, but oftentimes by doing this, we can find wonderful learning opportunities contained within what we experience as obstacles. By tapping in and allowing ourselves to go deeper into the emotions or meaning that surrounds our experience, we can gain awareness, perspective, and insight that may either help us in either overcoming our challenge or recognizing that better opportunities exist.

I encourage you to give it a try. Set some time aside for yourself where you can reflect on what obstacles you face and see what hidden opportunities they might contain. I’d love to hear what you discover!

4 comments on “Obstacles as Opportunity

    • Essentially yes, Sally. If we get so caught up in the stress or frustration of not being able to accomplish what we think needs to be accomplished (in the manner in which we think it needs accomplishing), we lose our ability to approach the situation clearly and rationally. Thereby, possibly closing ourselves off from the solutions we may be seeking.

      Originally I was thinking that this may not apply if one hasn’t had their most basic needs met (food, water, shelter, etc.), but I think that a mindful, open attitude to seeing hidden opportunity may still apply.

      Thanks for reading and responding!

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