Being Music

A few nights ago I was at an event in which we were invited to go on an inward journey with the assistance of a buffalo drum. As I listened to the drumming, I found myself becoming one with it- absorbed and enveloped in the sound waves in a way that I hadn’t experienced before.

This led to the realization that we ARE music. I’ve long found compelling the analogies and metaphors comparing music as life or as aspects of life, and intellectually it resonated with me.

Yet, I hadn’t felt it viscerally as I did at that moment.Whether this was due to the acoustics of the drum or due to the intention behind the journey, the experience led me to a greater awareness of myself as music. As well, it led to a more profound recognition that part of what I’m here to do as a music therapist and psychotherapist is to help others experience themselves as music.

Not as musical, but as music.

What this means to me is that our beings- the functioning of our bodies, the interaction between mind and body, our relationships- all help to create the music of our lives. At times there may be dissonance, and at other times harmony, but we compose our lives through our choices, actions, perspectives, and insights. We are simultaneously the composer and the composition.

Breathe into that idea. What are you composing with your life? Who are you as a composition?

If you’d like to experience this for yourself, you can learn more here about the music and music therapy services I offer.

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