Longmont Music Lessons

Are You Looking for Music Lessons in Longmont?

We’re lucky in Longmont in that there are a wide variety of music instructors in the area providing music lessons. With teachers offering lessons on a variety of instruments and in a variety of styles, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the choices available. The question to ask yourself, then, is, “What are you looking for from music lessons?”

The reasons why someone chooses to learn how to play an instrument are varied. Some people want to take their musical skills to the next level. They are performers, or they want to perform.

Still, other people want to learn how to play an instrument because they think that it would be fun. They’re curious, but they don’t have much of musical background. They may be feeling a little hesitant about pursuing lessons, but the siren call of music continues to beckon them.

And still other people want to return to playing an instrument that they used to play. They may have taken piano lessons as a child and then gave it up for whatever their reasons were at the time. Yet now as an adult (or an older adult), they want to play again.

Enhance Your Life by Learning to Play an Instrument With SoundWell Music Therapy

Learning to play a musical instrument can be a rewarding experience. That isn’t to say that learning an instrument is easy, though. Nor is it to say that everybody learns in the same way.

Music lessons in Longmont in piano and voice

Many different ways of learning exist, and not everybody learns or processes information in the same way. Sometimes lessons need to be adapted to meet the student’s unique learning needs. One reason for this may be due to one’s own inherent neurological wiring.

But another possible reason may be due to feeling insecure about making music. This is especially true with the voice. That’s because the voice can communicate so much about who we are and how we’re feeling. Likewise, many people have been given negative messages about their voices.

Offering Beginning Piano and Therapeutic Voice Lessons in Longmont

SoundWell Music Therapy provides adapted music lessons in Longmont for beginning piano and voice students. (Referrals are available for adults and teens looking for lessons in violin and viola). Students taking lessons may have learning disabilities or issues with memory. They may be on the autism spectrum. Other students may struggle with attention, focus, or anxiety.

When working with music students, SoundWell Music Therapy takes the whole student into account. Lessons are 30-minutes long and are only available in Longmont. Rates are:

$35 when at SoundWell Music Therapy’s private studio
$40 when provided in your home in Longmont

Contact Faith for lesson availability. Click here for a copy of our studio policy.