Music for Wellness

Enhance your sense of wellness through music

Embodiment-of-Sound-300x225 Music for Wellness  Longmont Mental Health CounselingWhat is “wellness?”

Wellness is a reflection of the integration of mind, body, heart, and spirit. Our experience of this state of being is always in flux, as contemporary life requires us to respond to a variety of life circumstances. There are times in life when we may experience things that can cause distress or disease in one or more of these areas. This, in turn, affects our overall sense of well-being. Below are wellness music therapy services offered by SoundWell Music Therapy in Longmont and Boulder County.

Mindful Music-Making

There is much research coming out about the benefits of practicing mindfulness. Through being aware of your thoughts and feeling state in the present moment, it is possible to reduce stress and anxiety. This makes it then possible to see life events more objectively. Mindful music-making involves developing a greater awareness of what you are hearing from within yourself as well as around you without judgment.

You can hear Faith talk more about mindfulness and music here.

Singing for the Health of It

Singing does a body good. Singing for the Health of It is a group for adults who want to sing in a group, but who don’t want to perform. Healthy vocal techniques are presented in ways that support a person’s different physical and health circumstances. Participants of all abilities are welcome. This group is regularly offered through Longmont Recreation Services and the Center for Musical Arts.