Music Instruction

Learn to Play An instrument in a way you understand

Learning to play a musical instrument can be a rewarding experience. That isn’t to say that learning an instrument is easy, though. Nor is it to say that everybody learns in the same way. Many different ways of learning exist, and not everybody learns or processes information the same way. Sometimes lessons need to be adapted to meet the student’s unique learning needs.

SoundWell Music Therapy provides adapted music lessons for beginning piano and voice students. Violin and viola lessons for adults are also available. Students taking lessons may have learning disabilities. Or they may be on the autism spectrum. Other students may struggle with attention, focus, or anxiety. Faith and the music instructors teaching through SoundWell Music Therapy take the whole student into account.

Lessons are 30-minutes long and are only available in Longmont. Rates are:

$30 when at SoundWell Music Therapy’s private studio
$35 when provided in your home

Contact SoundWell for lesson availability. Click here for a copy of our studio policy.

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