Hospice & Palliative Care

Hospice Care Music Therapy to Tune Into Quality of Life Needs

No one wants to think about dying or the more painful aspects of having a chronic illness. For sure, it can be hard to manage the pain or discomfort that can come with a chronic or terminal illness. Things that you enjoy doing you may not be able to do anymore. You may feel as though your world is shrinking. Music therapy as part of your palliative or hospice care can help.

Hospice Care Music Therapy can help individuals and their families affected by a life-limiting illness

Likewise, this can be a hard time for family and loved ones. It hurts seeing a person that you love and care about in pain or unable to do the things that gave them pleasure. You may have things that you want to tell them, but you don’t know how to say them. They may also have things that they want to say, but don’t they know how to say them either. Because of these things, music therapy as part of palliative or hospice care can be a useful support to family members, too.

Why Music Can Help At This Time

At such a time, music can be a great balm for managing a person’s physical, emotional, social, and spiritual pain. This is because of the ways in which humans are hardwired to respond to music. Music affects our nervous systems, our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls.

As well, music can also be a source of support and comfort for family members. Again, this is related to how we are hardwired to respond to music. Along with this, though, are the ways that music can connect us to each other and serve as a means for communication. Music can express that which you may not have the words to express at this time.

How I Can Help At This Time

I have almost a decade of experience working in hospice and palliative care settings. These experiences have allowed me to work in both bereavement and direct care. I enjoy being able to work with people and their families as part of multidisciplinary teams.

Through SoundWell, I work with hospice and palliative care programs in Boulder County. As well, I also work with individuals on a private pay basis. Services are provided in-home, wherever home is for a person, and online. When possible, I involve families if desired by the person receiving direct care.

Contact Faith to find out more about these services.