[Video] Gratitude as a Way to Manage Feelings of Stress

Feeling Better By Feeling Thankful

In this 4th video of the holiday stress management series, I talk a bit about how an “attitude of gratitude” can help you feel better. I know that it may sound trite, but recognizing things in your life that you’re thankful for actually can help you feel better. Explicitly identifying those things you’re grateful for helps you to see a bigger picture that is more spacious than what you may be currently seeing as a result of feeling overwhelmed.

As well, when you identify what you’re grateful for, it can help you to feel more grounded. Sometimes when we feel stressed or overwhelmed, all of our energy can move up into our heads. We lose connection with our bodies and instead become a whirlwind of thoughts.

Watch the video below to hear more of my thoughts about how feelings of gratitude can help manage feelings of stress. I also share a bit about how I personally find it helpful to take moments to identify what I’m thankful for.

What are your thoughts? Do you have a regular gratitude practice? If so, how does it help you? Tell me in the comments below!

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