Singing for the Health of It

Enhance your sense of health and Well-Being with community singing

Singing is not only fun, but it can be good for you! Many studies show that singing is good for mental and physical health and well-being. This is especially true for people singing in a group. Singing together with others helps reduce feelings of isolation. It helps a person feel a part of something greater than just oneself. Unfortunately, though, many people are reluctant to sing anywhere outside of the shower or of their car.

There are many reasons for this, all of them personal. Some people’s reluctance may stem from feelings of insecurity or fear about being “heard.” Someone else may have internalized the negative messages they received about their voice.

Singing for the Health of It: A Community Singing Class

If this describes you, feel more confident by ?Singing for the Health of It.? This group is for adults of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds who want to sing in a laid-back atmosphere while learning healthy singing and vocal technique in a mindful way. The purpose of the group is to have fun and feel good singing. Each group is shaped by those who join with musical activities tailored to accommodate people?s individual needs.

This group is being offered at SoundWell Music Therapy’s office space at 1361 Francis St, Suite 201E in Longmont. Registration is $80 for the 4 week group. Contact Faith to register.