Social Skills Through Music

A music group for kids to develop positive social skills

Does this sound like your school-age child?

  • Has difficulty engaging with others, including peers.
  • Tends to isolate or withdraw from people.
  • Lacks at least one close friend.

Sometimes children have a difficult time interacting and connecting with others. This can be due to mental health challenges, such as depression or anxiety. Increasingly more kids today are struggling with feelings of depression and anxiety. While for other kids it may be due to their brains being “wired” differently, such as with ADHD or autism.

Benefits of Making Music With Others

If this sounds like your child, making music as part of a group may help them. Making music can be a fun way to learn how to interact with others, as well as learn how to manage feelings of depression or anxiety. Research suggests that making music with other people can reduce feelings of depression and anxiety, while also fostering feelings of belonging.

Additionally, music can foster the executive skills needed in order to thrive in today’s society. When making music with others, a person needs to be able to listen carefully to the larger group while also paying attention to know where they fit into the overall music. Making music helps a person develop the ability to plan, organize and execute their thoughts and ideas. They are able to cultivate self-control and self-awareness.

Another benefit of music is that it allows people an opportunity to communicate with each other in a way that doesn’t involve spoken language. This can be especially meaningful for someone who struggles with speech. At the same time, music and singing can actually help a person enhance their speech!

Social Skills Through Music

Social Skills Through Music is a 4-week summer class is for children ages 7-10 who could benefit from developing their social skills. This may be due to autism, ADHD, or anxiety. You’d like for them to learn more effective ways of managing their anxiety while also interacting with their peers in a way that doesn’t feel like “school” or “therapy.” In this group, participants will have the chance to create music together by singing and playing easy-to-play musical instruments.

This group is being offered on Thursdays, 7-5-7/26, from 11-noon. $80 for the 4-week session.

Maximum 6 participants. Please contact Faith to register or opt-in here to receive further updates about the class.