Community Music Therapy

Creating Healthy Communities Through Music

Healthy communities are important to the long-term health of society. And there are many different ways to create healthy communities. One of these ways is through community music therapy groups.

Community music therapy groups in Longmont and Boulder County

This is because creativity is important to being human. Because of this, we all deserve opportunities to create and express ourselves in ways that also help us feel good. As well, we’re social creatures and we need opportunities to feel good with others. Making music as part of a group helps meet both of these needs.

And this is where SoundWell Music Therapy comes in. SoundWell Music Therapy offers community music therapy groups focusing on mental health and wellness. Community music therapy groups are available in Longmont and Boulder County to children, teens, adults, and older adults.

Working With Community and Non-Profit Organizations in the Area

To do this, SoundWell Music Therapy works in partnership with community organizations such as:

  • Schools
  • Early Childhood Education/Childcare Programs
  • Healthcare Companies
  • Mental Health Organizations
  • Community or Social Service Agencies

Community music therapy groups address the unique needs of those in the group. This means that no two groups are exactly the same, even if the goals of the group are similar. Examples of groups SoundWell Music Therapy currently offers include:

  • Parent and Child Music Groups. Music and movement are important to a developing brain and body. Likewise, music can enhance attachment and bonding between caregiver and child. These groups are also available as intergenerational music groups for children and their “grandfriends.”
  • School Groups. Music can help students develop self-regulation and executive functioning skills important for longterm success. As well, making music as a group can help students feel a sense of belonging and acceptance. SoundWell Music Therapy works with public and private schools, including special education programs.
  • Memory Care Groups. Responses to music is something that stays with people even if they are deep in dementia. Singing or hearing familiar songs can stimulate memories that are longing to be shared with others. At the same time, having the opportunity to make music reminds people of what they can still do and allows them a chance to be playful. SoundWell Music Therapy works with long-term and memory care communities.

You can contact me to learn more about the groups I currently offer. If you’d like to contract my services, I offer a free 30-minute consultation by phone or at my office that you can schedule here. During this consultation, we’ll talk in more detail about the needs of your organization and how I might be able to help you.