How To Combine Mindfulness and Music Therapy

Mindfulness is something that we all can benefit from. However, for some people, mindfulness meditation can feel impossible or inaccessible. In my work as a music therapist and counselor, I have found music to be a valuable means for developing a greater sense of mindfulness. I share more of my thoughts in this latest blog post.

Men’s Mental Health and How Music Therapy Can Help

Society places expectations on men that can have a negative impact on their mental health if they buy into those stereotypes and expectations. In my experience as a music therapist and counselor, music therapy can be a safe, meaningful, and accessible way for men to address the mental health challenges they face. In this article I discuss what these mental health challenges are that men face and outline the ways in which I work with men who are looking for mental health support.

Music Therapy During COVID-19: What Do Services Look Like Now?

The need for creative arts mental health services are needed now more than ever. Learn more about how SoundWell Music Therapy is offering mental health and music therapy services during COVID-19.

The Trauma of Racism and How Music Therapy Can Help in Healing

Racism is a trauma that our entire society is desperately trying to heal from while at the same time actively trying to change. Systemic racism is a trauma that dates back to the beginning of our society. People of color have experienced discrimination and racism for as far back as our history goes. It is […]

Developing Body Awareness Through Mindfulness and Music

Body awareness involves having an awareness of the connection between body and mind. Unfortunately, anxiety or pain can cause people to disconnect from both their body and mind. After all, it can feel scary or painful to be truly aware of our bodies or our thoughts.

However, body awareness is important as it helps us to understand who we are and how we move through space. Mindfulness and music are two ways that body awareness can be cultivated in a way that feels safe and accessible. In this post, I share a bit about how the two work together to do this.