Drumming to Get Unstuck

Sometimes it can be difficult to move forward in life. We can feel stuck. Our thoughts and feelings prevent us from taking action. In this video, I talk a bit about how playing a buffalo drum can be an effective way for moving stuck energy in our bodies, leading to new insights. If you’re feeling […]

Listening to Sounds and Silence

Last week saw many beautiful days in Boulder, Colorado. On one of those days I made the trip into Boulder so that I could attend a Positive Aging lunch. Because the day was so beautiful, I decided to take advantage of being downtown and left Longmont early. Boulder Creek was calling my name, and I took a walk […]

Hearing Yourself as Music

Listen Deeply to Yourself. You Are Music. Your Life is Music I am MUSIC? My LIFE is MUSIC? Have you ever thought about yourself as a musical composition? What comes to mind when you think of yourself from this point of view? It can be a strange thing if you haven’t considered it before. You may wonder, […]

Music Therapy and Trauma

Grief-e1515290151324 Music Therapy and Trauma  Longmont Mental Health Counseling

Everyone experiences challenges in life. Sometimes these challenges can provide us with great opportunities for personal growth. Yet sometimes these challenges can prove to be traumatic. If left untreated or unacknowledged, these experiences can lead to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD can be debilitating because it has a physiological, mental, emotional, and social impact on […]

The Magic of the Present Moment

Untitled-copy The Magic of the Present Moment  Longmont Mental Health Counseling

Many times we find ourselves stuck in the past or anticipating the future. Living life in this way can result in our feeling ungrounded or distracted. It takes us away from the magic that is the present moment, wherein we can experience life fully as it is. There are a variety of reasons as to […]

Basic Goodness: A Mindful Approach to Life & Helping Others

More than anything else, I have found that my belief system and worldview about people are of greatest value to me as a therapist. My clinical training at Naropa University introduced me to mindfulness practice and Shambhala. Having trust in human dignity forms the basis of Shambhala, and one of the components to this is […]

Monkey Mind and Mindfulness

MonkeyMind Monkey Mind and Mindfulness  Longmont Mental Health Counseling

It seems fair to say that everyone has, at one point in their life, had an experience of “monkey mind” where their thoughts were frantically jumping from thought to thought. “Monkey Mind” is a term from Buddhism that describes that unsettling state of mind where our thoughts seem to be like a monkey swinging from […]

Examining a Transpersonal View of Aging

SeniorSunWalkCrop1 Examining a Transpersonal View of Aging  Longmont Mental Health Counseling

For the past month or so I’ve been gradually reading the latest issue of The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, which happens to be devoted to the concept of transpersonal gerontology. I’d never heard of this concept before, and it has been a slow and steady process going through the issue as I’ve been finding each […]

Inspiration in Solitude

Taking a Moment to Reflect How often do you feel alone? How often are you actually alone? When you feel alone, what do you do? When you are alone, how do you spend that time? I ask these questions simply to make a distinction between one’s sense of feeling alone, as opposed to being alone. […]

Finding Balance Within Resistance

Balance. For many people this seems to be ever elusive. What does it mean to have balance in one’s life when there are *so many things* to do? Between possible family responsibilities and professional obligations, how does one find time for themselves? And in those perhaps seemingly rare instances when one does find themselves with […]