Welcome to SoundWell Music Therapy, providing wellness-based music therapy services to children and adults in Longmont and Boulder County.

What is “wellness?”

Wellness is an integration between mind, body, heart and spirit. However, because humans are dynamic creatures who shift and change through life circumstances, this state of being is always fluctuating. There are times in life when we may experience things that can cause distress or dis-ease in one or more of these areas, thereby affecting our overall sense of well-being.

SoundWell Music Therapy invites You to experience Sound Well-Being through Music.

Music, due to its ability to evoke, move, and motivate, can be an excellent tool for facilitating a state of wellness and well-being. SoundWell Music Therapy provides music therapy and psychotherapy services to individuals and groups in Longmont and Boulder County that address:

Contact Faith Halverson-Ramos, MA, LPC, MT-BC to find out more for information.


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