What is SoundWell Music Therapy?

SoundWell Music Therapy provides community music therapy and counseling services to individuals and groups in Longmont. Individual music instruction is also available. With a focus on wellness and personal growth, SoundWell Music Therapy works with people of all ages and abilities throughout the lifespan in experiencing the therapeutic benefits of music and music-making.

What is Music Therapy and How Can It  Help?

Music can be a powerful tool for facilitating a state of wellness and well-being, due to its ability to evoke, move, and motivate. Engaging in music and musical activities has been shown to provide a wide variety of neurological, physiological, and emotional benefits. Music therapy, the evidence-based use of musical interventions by a credentialed music therapist to address therapeutic goals, is a form of therapy that can be accessible by people of all ages, regardless of physical or cognitive ability.

What Services Does SoundWell Music Therapy Provide in Longmont and Boulder County?

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Contact Faith Halverson-Ramos, MA, LPC, MT-BC to find out more about the services offered in Longmont and Boulder County by SoundWell Music Therapy. If you are from outside of the Boulder County area and would like to learn more about the services provided by Faith beyond direct music therapy, please go to: www.faithhalversonramos.com.

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