What is SoundWell Music Therapy?

SoundWell Music Therapy provides community music therapy and counseling services to individuals and groups in Longmont. Individual music instruction is also available. With a focus on wellness and personal growth, SoundWell Music Therapy works with peopleĀ  of all ages and abilities throughout the lifespan in experiencing the therapeutic benefits of music and music-making.

What is Music Therapy and How Can It Be Helpful?

Music can be a powerful tool for facilitating a state of wellness and well-being, due to its ability to evoke, move, and motivate. Engaging in music and musical activities has been shown to provide a wide variety of neurological and physiological benefit. Music therapy, the evidence-based use of musical interventions by a credentialed music therapist to address therapeutic goals, is a form of therapy that can be accessible by people of all ages, regardless of physical or cognitive ability.

What Kinds of Services Does SoundWell Music Therapy Provide?

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Contact Faith Halverson-Ramos, MA, LPC, MT-BC to find out more for information about the services offered in Longmont and Boulder County by SoundWell Music Therapy.

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Upcoming events:

Song Circle: Singing Self in Community

This 4-week song circle meets on Thursdays and is open to those interested in experiencing themselves in a small community of song-makers. Emphasis is on finding joy in vocalizing and singing, rather than performance. Learn the basics about breath and healthy sound production, as well as the health benefits of singing- but most of all, have fun making music!

Space is limited to 6 people. Cost is $40 per person for the full 4 weeks. Contact Faith for more information.
When: Thu October 9 5:00 PM - Thu October 30 5:00 PM